About Me

Picture of moi!

Hello, World! Welcome to my blog!

This is my little corner of the Internet where I can just post whatever is on my mind or whatever I have learnt in the world of development and technology that I hope somebody else would find useful.

Oh yes…the bit that is “About Me”

My name is Antony D’Andrea (I guess you already sussed that part out). I am 25 years old and I live in Hertfordshire.

I have just completed a BSc degree in Computer Science from City University London (First Class might I add) and I currently work as a PHP developer for a London based company. I am also a Professional Member of the British Computing Society.

Things that I am in to

Programming duh! I started programming when I started my A-Levels at 16 (using Visual Basic) and loved it ever since. I was in to computers long before that though but was in the last generation that didn’t do IT or programming in school!

Currently interested in web development and Android development. I am also just starting to play with my new Raspberry Pi.

Football – Come on you Spurs! That is all.

Films – mainly superhero movies.

TV Shows – Doctor Who, Agents of Shield, Sherlock, Game of Thrones.


You can contact me via my e-mail: contactme@antonydandrea.com.

You can also follow me on Coderwall and Twitter.

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